The MYNTIX™ Process

Some products will promise huge returns on investment if you use their product. But, the reality is, there is no solution that will magically improve your employees’ development. We know MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning is developed based on solid learning theory. We also know that:


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Mobile Micro Learning makes Learning 17% more Effectiveand Creates 50% More Engagement than Traditional Training2

However, situations often exist that get in the way of achieving desired results. Self-motivation is the key determinant of whether an employee will learn. Furthermore, our team is made up of business owners and we’ve all experienced the frustration of purchasing a great product that we’re sure will help our business only to see it go unused because we don’t really understand how to use it, don’t have the time to properly invest in getting it launched, or don’t have the employee buy-in due to poor communication and implementation. Instead of improving efficiency, we ended up wasting our hard earned money. Your organization’s success is dependent on your implementation and ongoing support of your training strategy.

We want to make sure that when you purchase a MYNTIX™ subscription, you’re set up to succeed. That’s why we want to make sure we understand your needs and how we can best help you get the most out of our product.

1Journal of Applied Psychology

2Software Advice


Step 1: An Initial 2 hour Free Training Needs Analysis Consultation

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Book your Free 2 Hour Consultation

We're not your average software company! We want to make sure MYNTIX™ is a fit for your organization. Before you purchase our platform, we offer a free, no commitment, 2 hour needs analysis. We want to help you succeed!
$1200 Value
Initial Needs Analysis Consultation $1,200 Value for Free

During this consultation, we’ll meet with you to discuss your training needs. We’ll help you identify the areas that will help you realize your biggest returns. We’ve got years of experience in strategic planning and skill gap analysis, so take advantage of our experience to identify your needs and identify the training that will help advance your employees’ knowledge and skill. Identifying potential barriers to implementation and sustainment is also an important part of the process and we’ll spend time determining what might hinder the success of the program.

Remember, this service is all free with no obligation. We want to invest this time into your business because we’re strongly committed to employee growth and in the way MYNTIX™ can help facilitate that development. Your success is our success.

Step 2: Preparation and Discussion of your Personalized MYNTIX™ Implementation Plan

If our first meeting goes well and you’d like to proceed, we’ll take the information collected from the needs analysis session and develop a customized implementation plan for your organization. Then, we’ll meet again to discuss. The implementation plan includes content like:

  • communication plans
  • creating buy-in
  • incentive programs 
  • coaching and/or team reinforcements
  • training areas in need of attention
  • priority listing of training initiatives
  • administrator/author training

This service is provided for free and the report is yours to keep whether you decide to purchase a subscription with MYNTIX™ or not. 

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Implementation Plan $2,000 Value for Free

Step 3: Sign Terms of Agreement and Implement MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning

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Two Free Courses developed for Innovator Club Members valued at $2,000

The Terms of Agreement outlines our commitment to you as our client and your commitment to us in your use of the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform. Once the agreement is signed, we’ll set up dates for administrator training and discussion of what support you need in implementing the plan. We’re with you every step of the way, offering as much or as little support as you want or need.

If you’re part of our Innovators Club, we’ll also begin work developing your 2 free courses. We’ll consult with you to ensure we have the content you need included, we understand the learning outcomes you want, and have you review the final product.

From there, your can either author additional content on your own or we can continue to provide this service for an additional fee.

MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Client Support

We’re happy to provide our clients with as much or as little support as you need! These are the areas which we can help you implement and sustain your MYNTIX™ learning program. 

Platform set up and Upload of Users

We’ve created MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning so it’s easy so easy to use, you may not need any help with the set up, but if you need a little help or don’t have time to upload your users, we’ll give you a hand and do it for you!


Administrator Training

We provide a one hour training session for your administrators to make sure they have the knowledge they need to easily manage your MYNTIX™ Platform. After the formal training we provide, we’re always available to answer any questions they may have. They’ll have access to our email support and can easily contact us via our in-platform chat function! We’ll spend the time they need to feel comfortable managing the system.

Platform Launch Assistance

We create an implementation plan for you and we’ll provide the help you need to implement the steps necessary for a successful launch. If it’s helping you identify champions of the platform, reviewing your communication messages, or other steps in the process, we’re here when you need us.

Introduction of New Features

We’re constantly working to update the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning platform and you’ll have access to these features as they become available to make your experience using the platform as easy and efficient as possible. We send out release notes as new features are introduced so you’re always aware of what’s available. 

Access to our Self-Help Library

All participants on the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform have access to Knowledge Base, our self-help library. The link is located on the bottom right-hand corner of our site. Content is customized according to roles within the platform. Administrators, managers, and learners will all see content that’s customized to their roles and the ways they use the platform. Don’t see something you need in the library? Let us know and we’ll create the resource so all users of the platform can benefit.

Designing Employee Training Incentives

Self-motivation is the number one determinant of whether someone will learn and apply their new skill. As part of your personalized implementation plan, we’ll help you identify employee incentives for using the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform and encouraging the active participation in professional growth. Each company has its own culture and we’ll work with you to determine incentives that work for your employees.

Authoring Tips

Whether we create your content or you create you own, we publish tips to our self-help library (Knowledge Base) so subject matter experts can create effective training content without having to be an instructional designer. If you’re struggling with a structuring a module, we’re available to help talk you through it. We want you to be confident using the MYNTIX™ Mobile Platform.

Technical Assistance

We host your MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform in the cloud. We’ll take care of all the technical requirements to ensure your platform is secure and runs smoothly and reliably. We’re also available to answer any question you have about using and administering the platform. We respond quickly and will spend the time you need to resolve your issue.


Join our Innovators Club!

We’re offering an exceptional deal to a limited number of clients! We’re looking for forward thinking, innovative, companies to join our Innovators Club. Innovator Club members receive significant discounts on their subscriptions – over 60% – to help us continue the development of our MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform. These companies help us test new features, including our next phase of AI development to further enhance learning. They also provide feedback and input into additional features – allowing them to help customize MYNTIX™ to meet their needs.Club members have access to all premium features including unlimited users and administrators, unlimited messaging, and co-branding with your logo and colours appearing alongside the MYNTIX™ branding. As a special bonus, we’ll develop Innovators Club members’ first two courses for free! That’s all in addition to the initial free 2 hour consultation and our free implementation plan. At subscription renewal time, Club members receive their subscription for 25% off regular pricing.

To summarize the value our Innovator Club members receive, we’ve itemized the savings we offer them below. This is our way of thanking these early adopters for becoming a MYNTIX™ client.

That's a $7,200 Value for $4,500!

Join our Innovators Club

Over 60% off regular subscription pricing
$ 400 Monthly with a 1 year Subscription
  • Or $4,500 if paid annually
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Branding - logo and colours
  • We'll create your first 2 courses for FREE! That's a $2,000 value!
  • Access to new features as they become available
  • Provide input into and help test continued development
  • 25% off your 2nd year subscription
For a Limited Time

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