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A Fresh Way to Learn

Our mobile micro-learning platform revitalizes organizational training through the delivery of scheduled short bursts of learning content straight to your phone via text or email! 

Maximize your Time and Investment in Training

Maximize Efficiency

Employees can take training when it’s convenient, without needing to take time away from work

Brief, Engaging Content

Focusing on one concept at a time encourages increased learning retention

Automated Delivery

Less administration means increased efficiency and learners can take modules anytime, anywhere


Create your own content to ensure your specific needs are reinforced

Consistent Messaging

Train a large amount of employees quickly, ensuring messaging is consistent and not dependent on the skill of individual trainers.

Affordable Pricing

Deliver quality training to your employees at the fraction of the cost of traditional training delivery models

Become Part of our Innovators Club

For a limited time, subscribing organizations become part of our Innovators Club! Club members enjoy great pricing, access to all new features as they become available, and help us decide upon future features!

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