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The MYNTIX™ Mission: We develop technology that helps people reach their full potential.

MYNTIX™ is a mobile learning platform that revitalizes organizational training through the delivery of scheduled short bursts of learning content straight to your phone via text or email. MYNTIX™ brings training to employees in a way that integrates learning into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.

Industries where MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning can make a Difference

MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning really spans across any industry. Our value comes from the ability to provide efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, and affordability for small to medium sized businesses. With our easy to use authoring tool, organizations can provide a range of topics to meet all of their organization’s training needs. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, mining, and oil and gas, have important requirements around safety and procedures. Being able to quickly send content to multiple user at once allows for efficient use of training time and effort. Sales training is key to industries such as automotive and the retail/sales industries. Financial services and insurance industries have strict regulatory requirements while educational institutions, professional associations, and training companies  can add value to their students/members/clients by providing flexible, convenient ways to access learning reinforcement materials. The food services industry,  call centres, and municipal governments benefit from customer service training. 

Although each industry may have key training needs, MYNTIX™ makes training so easy to complete and administer, there are endless opportunities for organizations to onboard and enhance their employees’ knowledge and skill.

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Construction business owners are under tremendous pressure to get their projects built on time and on budget. They also often have seasonal workers or turnover in their industry.Safety is also a primary concern and accidents can result in tragedy and damaged reputation. Sending employees away from the work site for training, getting new employees up to speed, and ensuring employees are aware of and following safety procedures on the job is important. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, owners can train employees, provide consistent messaging, and schedule automated periodic reinforcement modules without losing time and money. In minutes a day, employees can enhance their knowledge, improve their safety and skills, and owners can track progress and completions easily and affordably.

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If retail/sales people aren’t on on the sales floor or making sales call, the company isn’t making money. With tight margins tough competition, and the expense to backfill for absent employees, companies can’t necessarily afford to have employees away for extended periods of time for training. Traditional e-learning can be difficult to access while at work. With high turnover in the retail/sales industry, onboarding new employees is critical. Training on product knowledge, the sales process, company processes and procedures, and soft skills is important.With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees, provide quick onboarding target soft skill development, and schedule automated periodic reinforcement modules without losing precious time serving customers. In minutes a day, employees can enhance their knowledge, improve their knowledge and skills, and owners can track progress and completions easily and affordably.

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Financial Services

Whether it be a bank, credit union, mortgage brokerage, securities company, or other organizations that provide financial services, regulatory training is critical to the industry. Yet, so often employees speed through their annual training to ensure completion, but are CCO’s and owners really sure their employees understand the content? Whether it be anti-money laundering, privacy, CASL, or other regulatory training, companies face huge consequences if they are found to be non-compliant. This industry also deals with complex processes and procedures. Ensuring employees are processing information properly is critical from a legal and customer service standpoint. Soft skills and sales skills will greatly affect the bottom line in this industry, but like other sales and service industries, time away from work for training means trading improved skill development for short term revenue. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees, provide consistent messaging, and reinforce regulatory training throughout the year, increasing knowledge in this critical area without losing time and money. In minutes a day, employees can enhance their knowledge, improve their sales skills, and owners can track progress and completions easily and affordably.

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The insurance industry will continue to see a lot of turnover in coming years due to retirements, meaning vast amounts of organizational knowledge will leave with those long-term employees. Many insurance companies are smaller, independently owned businesses that don’t always have formalized onboarding or training plans for employees. This is a complex industry where knowledge of product, services, and options are critical to providing exceptional customer service and could lead to unfortunate consequences for the customer if mistakes are made. Customer service, soft skills, and sales skills are important differentiators in this industry and being able to provide training in an affordable, efficient way is important. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, insurance companies can capture, formalize and share processes and procedures to preserve critical business information, while enhancing employee knowledge, improve sales and service, and owners can track progress and completions easily and affordably.

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Following process, procedures, and safety measures are important to ensure product is made according to quality and quantity targets. Employees working under efficiency goals or accidents on the shop floor can stall production, leading to decreased production and sales. Depending on the type of manufacturing, some companies may be finding ways to decrease expense while maintaining productivity while and others may be struggling to onboard an increasing number of new hires. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees, without disruption to the production line while improving procedural and safety knowledge. Providing continuous improvement opportunities efficiently and affordably is a competitive advantage in today’s tight market.

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Taking time away from the sales floor for training means less opportunity for sales and commission. With several different models, features, and accessories, available, sales people need to have a high level of knowledge. With the availability of information on the internet, consumers are often extremely knowledgeable about a vehicle before they step on the lot. It’s critical that salespeople know their product, have a solid grasp on the sales process, and appropriate soft skills. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, dealerships can reinforce learning in the minutes between customers, utilitzing down time to enhance skills. Providing continuous improvement opportunities efficiently and affordably is a competitive advantage in today’s tight market.

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Educational Institutions

Whether secondary schools, business colleges, technical schools, or universities, students are inundated with a tremendous amount of information they need to learn. Some learners haven’t been students in a long time and returning to studying can be overwhelming. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, educational institutions can create learning reinforcement opportunities to help students improve learning retention. The platform can also be utilized to provide feedback and reflection after labs, practicums and other practical applications of skill. Reporting allows instructors to better understand their students learning needs, enhancing the learning experience for students.

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Professional Associations

Professional associations work hard to ensure their profession holds high standards of skill and knowledge. Many require continuing education credits. Providing their professionals with the ability to have relevant learning delivered to them periodically throughout the year, removes pressure of having to scramble to get enough credits before the end of the reporting period. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, professionals can create content that’s dripped to members on an automated schedule, creating efficiencies for both learners and administrators. Providing continuous improvement opportunities efficiently and affordably allows these associations to increase the reputation of their profession.

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Maintaining consistency of service, quality of product, and building the franchise reputation are critical components of this industry. Being able to provide consistent information, common processes and procedures can be difficult with so many different locations. High turnover in the industry also contributes to the danger of inconsistency and poor service. Finding time to train during a shift can be difficult With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, franchises can train a large number of employees across many locations at the same time on the same content. Completing modules in minutes also helps to fit within the employee’s work day, creating efficiencies and alignment among franchisees.

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Food Services

Working shift work in a busy environment makes it difficult to hold effective training sessions in the food industry. Providing exceptional service builds a restaurant’s reputation. Yet, with high turnover, it can be difficult to effectively train new employees on the way you want your diners to be served. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, restaurants can train employees, on service, the day’s specials, and other important events without disruption to the business. It can also improve procedural and safety knowledge in an effective and affordable manner.

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Training Companies

As it becomes more challenging for trainers to hold in-person sessions and people becoming more and more fatigued with video-based learning, training companies need to find alternatives that can adapt to the realities of their work lives. Accountability post-training is difficult to gauge with traditional training methods. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, training companies can drip content to learners, encouraging practice of learned skills between modules,. Providing continuous improvement opportunities efficiently and affordably while tracking progress of skill development and completion of content helps to add value to clients’ investment.

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The transportation industry faces calls for more training. But, it can be difficult to train when drivers have tight deadlines and customers are waiting for deliveries. Being able to provide safety training, procedures and testing driving knowledge in a way that fits into the driver’s schedule is important. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, drivers can access continuous development opportunities while on breaks on the road. Content can be completed in minutes, so schedules aren’t disrupted and better learning retention is encouraged. With tracking of progress and completions, business owners can be assured their employees are maintaining their professional development.

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Safety and procedural knowledge are critical in this industry. Without a lot of time or availability for training, mining company employees can benefit from the quick, efficient learning opportunities that come with mobile learning. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees, without disruption the work day while ensuring employees have the knowledge they need to thrive in this environment. Providing easy access to training, keeping content short and meaningful, and allowing learners to complete the training on their own schedule, can encourage participation in learning.

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Oil and Gas

With work requiring a lot of travel and work outside of an office environment, this industry needs flexibility in their training initiatives. Being able to complete training on the go, when there’s a few minutes of downtime can be a real advantage. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees conveniently, effectively, and by tracking results, companies can ensure their employees have the knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently.

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Call Centres

Call Centres are often the first point of contact a customer has with a business. Therefore, customer service and product/procedural knowledge is key. When people call into a call centre, the representative never knows what customers will need, so they need to have expertise in a lot of areas. Having organizational knowledge and being able to access content quickly is important. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees without disruption to queue, while easily accommodating continuous learning opportunities.

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Municipalities have many different departments, often bring on seasonal workers who need to be onboarded quickly and effectively. Many differing training demands exist within these organizations based on the nature of work. However, common training content also needs to be accessed. Employees also have differing work environments. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, municipalities can train employees without disruption no matter the content type, location of work, or type of employment. Providing continuous improvement opportunities efficiently, affordably, and consistently cities and towns can assure their employees are trained well.

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