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Employee development is an investment in your business. Unfortunately, many companies don’t think of training this way. Instead, they may see it as a waste of time, especially if it involves soft skill development. Running a business means making tough decisions about where to invest your money. Often, more formal training options become a lower priority, are seen as an expense, or a nice perk.

Here’s why you should make employee development an important part of your organization’s culture. There’s a strong correlation between employee development and employee engagement. You don’t feel employee engagement is an issue in your organization? Think again. According to research,

85% of employees world-wide are disengaged  at work1.

These employees appear happy and content, but aren’t giving their full effort or working to their full potential, which means you are losing productivity and revenue. In fact, 

A highly engaged workforce results in:

  • 21% Higher Productivity
  • 22% Greater Profitability
  • 35% Lower Absenteeism
  • 65% Less Turnover

Talentmap: Employee Engagement Survey Infograph

Employee development is so closely related to engagement, quality training/learning opportunities and frequency of training or learning opportunities were rated as 2 of the 3 highest ranking factors that promote engagement2

With the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform, we’re able to help you provide the training your employees need at an affordable price, seamlessly integrating training into your employees’ work day. Training options are really limitless, but some suggested training content includes: new employee onboarding, safety training, regulatory training, sales process engagement, continuing education, customer service, soft skill development, product knowledge, training reinforcement, exam preparation, and technical skill development. There are unlimited opportunities to engage your employees and improve your productivity and revenue generation.

1How to Encourage Employee Engagement through Learning and Development?, by Jody Ordioni, busines2community.com. February 11, 202

2Learning Influences Employee Engagement, by Andrew Paradise, TD Magazine, January 2008.


New Employee Onboarding

Easily introduce new employees to your organization no matter where they’re located. Take advantage of the text feature in the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform to reach out before their first day to communicate important information they should know for their first day, bring your organizational culture to life and make a great first impression.


Take control of your organization’s safety programming. Compliment existing efforts with mobile learning. Knowledge of safety standards can save lives. Create courses for your own safety processes and provide reinforcement of legislated safety training that can be tracked within the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform to create a culture of safety within your organization.


Many organizations have regulatory requirements that include mandatory annual training. Unfortunately, employees often work to quickly get through the courses and then forget about it for another year. Not meeting regulatory requirements can have serious consequences for your organization. Provide scheduled, automated reinforcement materials for your employees using the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform to help ensure your employees know and apply the regulations of your industry.

Sales Process

Sales skills are often the differentiator between successful and unsuccessful companies. Being able to close a deal means added revenue for your company. Yet, many organizations don’t spend the time or money to provide quality sales training or reinforcement. Use MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to work on sales process skills, working though the steps with your employees, enhancing their skills and improving your bottom line.

Continuing Education

Whether it’s formal training to qualify for annual continuing education credits or your own efforts to enhance employee expertise, providing relevant material via MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to help employees improve their skill, increases engagement and commitment to your organization and increases the quality of knowledge your employees bring to their customers.

Customer Service

We’ve all heard horror stories about poor customer service. With the prevalence of social media outlets, a post about a company’s poor service can damage an organization’s reputation quicker and more effectively than ever before. Yet, it’s difficult in many organizations to find time to deliver effective training or employees only receive training when they begin their job. Use MYNTIX™ Molie Learning to continually reinforce customer service skills so your reputation for excellent service grows.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills tend to be one of the biggest differentiators between high performing employees and low performers. Whether it be communication, resiliency, leadership, empathy, emotional intelligence or other skills that are important to your industry, providing short, focused modules for your employees allows them to work on these important skills when it’s convenient for them. Use MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to create courses that are important to your organization.

Product Knowledge

If your employees don’t know their products, they aren’t going to be effective at sales. Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors, ensure they’re equipped to speak to the products and services your company offers. Use MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to schedule automated content that tests employee knowledge of your products and services. Reports allow you to see where individual employees need development and coaching.

Training Reinforcement

Whether you’re an external or internal trainer, you can use the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform to enhance in-person training sessions. Retention after a training event is poor, use periodic delivery of content to keep retention alive. Encourage application of learned skills by issuing challenges within the modules and track progress with follow up questions and reporting.

Exam Preparation

Educational institutions, professional associations, and internal organizational certifications often require examinations. Studying for these exams can be stressful, especially if work and family commitments exist.Let MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning help with the studying process by creating short exam preparation materials and questions to automatically deliver to learners on a predetermined schedule.

Technical Skills

All jobs have processes, procedures, and general “how to’s” that employees need to master to become experts in their positions. Help employees learn and sharpen these skills by creating and scheduling regular reinforcement content. Create questions, scenarios, case studies and more to develop differing levels of skill. Reports in the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform can help managers determine areas of coaching for employees.

And so many more…

With a variety of building blocks in our MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning authoring tool, you have unlimited options for content development. Use videos, images, multiple choice questions, polls, checklists, sliders, and others to enhance any training initiatives your organization may need to deliver.

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