How much Time and Money are you Wasting on Employee Training?

1 %

The number of employees who don’t feel they have mastery of the skills to do their jobs

Where Companies go Wrong with Learning and Development, Steve Glaveski, Harvard Business Review – October 2, 2019

1 %

The amount of knowledge forgotten immediately after leaving a training session

Learning as a Lever for Performance, Learning and Development Outlook – 13th Edition, July 2017

1 %

The number of employees who apply the skills they learned in training back on the job

Where Companies go Wrong with Learning and Development, Steve Glaveski, Harvard Business Review – October 2, 2019

Chances are, a lot more than you think!

These statistics show that the majority of your employees probably don’t feel they have the expertise to do the core duties of their job, they’ve forgotten more content than they remembered by the time they walk out the training room door, and what they do remember, they aren’t likely to apply once they’re back at work. Organizations are wasting a tremendous amount of time and money for a dismal return on investment. But, you can change that!

We Help Improve Training Outcomes while Saving Companies Time and Money

MYNTIX™ is a mobile learning platform that revitalizes organizational training through the delivery of scheduled short bursts of learning content straight to your phone via text or email. MYNTIX™ brings training to employees in a way that integrates learning into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.

The Problem with Traditional Corporate Training

How many times have you heard any of the following comments about training in your organization? “I don’t have time for training” “We need better training” “We need more training” “Training is a waste of time” “Ugh, I’ve got to go to training today” “Why aren’t you doing this properly, you were trained several times on it”?

The problem is that traditional training is inefficient, expensive in terms of cost for training and in potential lost revenue while employees are in a training session. AND it doesn’t result in any meaningful retention or skill development. It’s a broken model.

Adding to the issue, consumers are better prepared than ever before. By the time they contact your business, they’ve used the internet to research what they need and If your employees don’t know as much or more than them, your business loses credibility – and chances are you lose their business.

The Solution: MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning

MYNTIX screenshots

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Advantage

Content Development

You have flexibility in how your content is developed. Create your own with the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning easy to use authoring tool, have us create your content for you, or edit and customize our ready-made programming. It’s up to you!

Consistent Messaging

Do you have a large number of people to train? Have you struggled with employees developing consistent levels knowledge? MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning can deliver reliable, uniform messaging to a large number of employees at once. 


Employees don’t always have time or access to attend in-person sessions or have access to computers at work to take traditional e-learning programming. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, employees can access their training programs when it’s convenient for them – any time, anywhere.


We’ve designed MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning to free up time for learners and administrators. No need to search for training websites,  automate content delivery, and decrease the amount of time away from work for training, all combine to give back time to your organization.

Improved Effectiveness

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning platform also encourages better learning retention and application by reinforcing content over time with short bursts of training and allows you to create content that encourages employees to try new skills on the job.


The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform allows you to offer a variety of training programs to your employees at a fraction of the cost to deliver the same training in-person. We bring the ability for smaller organizations to bring larger scale training initiatives to their businesses.

Features of the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform

We all have employees who embrace training, who love to learn and will seek it out at every chance they get. But let’s face it, the statistics show that this isn’t the reality for most of our employees. For the rest of us, removing barriers is as important as providing opportunities. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, we developed a product that is aimed at that person who walks in the training room door at the last possible minute, with their arms crossed and eyes rolling. If we can get that person engaged, we’ll be able to engage all learners. 

We blend solid learning theory with the practical realities of work life in today’s organizations, appealing to the needs of employees, managers, and administrators of the platform.

screenshot of the text message notification system in MYNTIX

Automated Content Delivery

Course content can be dripped to the learner through the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform. Administrators can set the delivery schedule when the course is created and the system automatically sends text or email messages to the learner, saving time and effort for both the administrator and the learner.

screenshot of the MYNTIX leaderboard

Leaderboard and Gamification

Encouraging friendly competition, the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform provides leaderboards that display employee progress. Questions and answers can be awarded points and total point earners can be displayed. Alternatively, administrator can choose to time module completion and the leaderboard can display a total score based on fastest time of completion and most points earned, testing accuracy and speed of memory.

screen shot of the MYNTIX profile page

Learner Profiles

Learners can upload their own profile picture to the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform. The picture appears on the leaderboard and in the learner table for ease of recognition and personalization.

screenshot of learner administration page on MYNTIX mobile learning platform

Manage Learners

Administrators and Managers of the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform have access to their learners' profiles. They can easily enrol learners in courses, view progress, results, see time spent in the system and many other functions.

screenshot of the MYNTIX authoring tool

Easy to use, Modular Authoring Tool

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform allows authors to break content into small, bite-sized modules. Modules are created using a variety of tools that can be moved within the module, saved to a toolkit for later use, and easily edited or removed without interfering with the rest of the module or course.

screenshot of reports page on the MYNTIX platform

Variety of Reporting Options

The MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning platform provides a variety of reporting at the administrator, manager, and learner levels. Reports are available for the organization as a whole, the individual course, and the individual learner. Track your employees' progress, completions, and usage of the system.

MYNTIX Mobile Learning Platform with Synergy Credit Union Branding

Branding Options

Subscription pricing for the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform allows for organizations to keep the MYNTIX™ branding or adopt the organization's branding, including company logo and colours. Full white labelling options are also available.

Cell phone with MYNTIX add a learner screen displaying

Administer the Platform from Anywhere

Away from the office and need to add a learner to the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform? Need to enrol a learner in a course? All administration functions can be done on a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Full flexibility.

screenshot of the MYNTIX sms or email messaging system

Messaging and Chat Functions

Administrators and managers can send text or email messages to individual learners from within the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform or utilize the in-platform chat function.

Screenshot of the MYNTIX course creation page

Variety of Course Settings

When creating courses in the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform, administrators can customize a variety of options, including when content is to be released, who can view and/or enrol in the course. Several customizable options are available at the module level as well.

screenshot of the learner view that can be accessed through the MYNTIX authoring tool

Preview Content as you Build

As you create content on the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform, you can choose to view a preview of the content so you can see how it will look to the learner. You can also adjust margins and padding to ensure the content looks as you intended.

Customized Options with the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform

White Labelling

hand holding a cell phone showing the MYNTIX Platform with Synergy Credit Union Branding
Image displays how companies can white label the MYNTIX platform and earn revenue by selling subscriptions to other companies

Clients can license the MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Platform as a fully white labelled platform customized to your organization’s branding. The white label option allows you to provide your training content or the ability to self-author courses to additional organizations, allowing you to provide private, branded training portals for affiliates, franchisees, and clients.

White labelling includes:

Custom Content Development

Too busy to create your own training courses? Let us do it for you! The great people at our parent company, Peppermint Technologies Inc.™ will be happy to work with you to develop the customized content you need to ensure your employees are developing their full potential. Contact us for pricing and to find out more about how we can help you get started on your MYNTIX™ learning journey.

MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning Client Support

We’re happy to provide our clients with as much or as little support as you need! These are the areas which we can help you implement and sustain your MYNTIX™ learning program. 

Click the image to link to Innovation Saskatchewan’s article about MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning!

The MYNTIX™ Team

Koreen Mak

Founder & CEO

Koreen is an experienced and accomplished leader in corporate learning and development. She managed the learning and development function for an organization of 900 employees for almost 10 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge regarding training design, development, and using digital technology to enhance learning. 

Because of her vast experience, Koreen has a strong theoretical knowledge of learning balanced with the practical experience of managing training in an organization that had complex learning needs with a highly geographically dispersed workforce. This background has expertly prepared her to understand the pain points and organizational needs for a better method of training.

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  • Roger Grona, CEO, (Director, Peppermint Technologies Inc.)
  • Jason Park, COO
  •  Craig Hinz, CFO
  • Travis Parker, CCO
  • Bob Harder, CDO

Bob Harder is owner of Principal Management Consultants Inc. and is on the Senior Management Team of Firebird Business Ventures Ltd. Bob is a solutions-focused Senior Executive with more than 35 years of success across the automotive and investments industry. Leveraging extensive experience in change management, he is a valuable advisor for an organization going through a restructuring to increase productivity, efficiency and profit. His broad areas of expertise include business analysis, problem-solving, high-level view, growth, process development and implementation.  

Steve Cameron


Steve Cameron owns Cameron Web Services. Through years of experience, Steve has designed, developed, and deployed a wide range of internet and desktop software using asp.net, PHP, vb.net, OOP, SQL Server, XHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML/XSLT, MySQL and WordPress. Steve manages his projects utilizing his strong communication, organizational and technical skills to deliver on time and on budget. 

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